AWA Cash Voucher

Send and receive money from anywhere using voucher, the fastest and easiest way.

Transfer Money Across Africa & Beyond

Free & Instant

Send money across cities, across region or across the world. Awa Voucher is the fastest and easiest borderless way to send and receive money.

Enjoy no fee transfers and cheapest exchange rates.Awa voucher is the fastest way to send money to your loved ones.

Receive money without bank account

No bank account required

Simply create a cash voucher and send directly to the receiver's mobile number. Your recipient can dial our ussd code to redeem the cash instantly into his or her bank account without stress.

You can easily send money to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Redeem Offline

Withdraw without Internet

Recipient withdraw funds by dailing *347*611#,making it easier and accessible anywhere without internet access restriction. Recipient can withdraw funds to any bank account in his or her country.